About Us


I am Laila S. Nabulsi, owner and chocolatier of Masala Chocolates.

The idea to make chocolates came to me as a flash of inspiration one day, while I was driving.  I was looking for a creative outlet and I’ve always wanted to do something in the food industry. I grew up in a multi-cultural family, where food was the “center of the universe.” My Mother has always been experimental in the kitchen and my Father made sure early on, that she mastered the art of preparing exotic dishes from his native country of Jordan.

I have travelled to France and Germany and have made a number of visits to India. I have always been fascinated with Indian culture and cuisine. Part of my ‘epiphany’ came from a long time appreciation of the multitude of spices and interesting combinations in Indian cooking.

Drawing from my upbringing and travel experiences abroad, Masala Chocolates® is a result of merging all of these different elements together to create a canvas for my work. The cross-cultural inspiration behind these gourmet, designer chocolates not only appeals to those epicureans with a bohemian bent, but also those adventurous palates who are always searching for the latest in luxurious, unusual taste sensations – whether for their own enjoyment or to give as gifts.                             

Only fresh, high quality ingredients in our products and our chocolate is imported using Fair Trade Certified chocolate. The chocolates are prepared by hand in small batches, without the use of chemicals or stabilizers. Although we use dairy products in some of our manufacturing, there are no eggs or animal products in any of our collections. Therefore, it is suitable for most vegetarians.

Our chocolates are made with love and creative energy. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them!