Chocolate Seashells

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Masala Chocolates® Mother’s Day collection consists of hand decorated, colorful sea shells filled with the following flavors:

Mimosa - Champagne and orange ganache.

Blueberry Limocello - blueberries in a Limoncello ganache.

Earl Grey caramel latte - exotic spiced tea ganache, swirled with salted caramel.

Amaretto biscotti - delectable amaretto biscotti mixed with almonds, cherries and chocolate cream.

Vanilla w/salted macadamia nuts & toffee - vanilla cream with salted macadamia nuts and tiny bits of buttery toffee.

Chocolates come in several size variations with a handmade card that can be personalized with your message.  When ordering, under the comment section, please indicate what you want the card to say.  Note the last day to order is Friday, May 5, 2023.  Our shop will be closed from May 6-May 23rd, 2023.