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Masala Chocolates handmade chocolates


At Masala Chocolates, only fresh, high quality ingredients and fair-trade certified chocolate are used in all the production.  Everything is prepared by hand in small batches, without the use of chemicals or stabilizers. Although some dairy is used in the manufacturing, there are no eggs or gelatin in any of the collections. Therefore, it is suitable for most vegetarians.  

Vegan options are individually noted in an item's description.


Masala Chocolates was born out of a flash of inspiration in February of 2006, with the intent of creating a cross-cultural platform to merge chocolate with exotic spices and flavors from different parts of the globe.  My goal is for you to imbibe in the Masala Chocolates Experience.   

When you hear the chocolate snap and the layers of flavor start to melt in your mouth, close your eyes and savor the moment.  I hope that every bite takes you on a journey of happiness!   


Masala Chocolates delivers one of the more decadent chocolates out there.  Their flavor choices and attention to detail are second to none.  We enjoy having these fine chocolates for our special occasions.  

Lee & Deli S.

Some people are hard to please, or they try to nurture the impression that they are hard to please.  But others of us are delighted comparatively easily.  The long-term consequences of each of these dispositions has yet to play-out in Darwin’s sense.


But if we were to ask each other, point blank: "What would be the best treat you could have at this moment?" the replies among those who have yet to taste Masala products would be remarkably diverse.  However, the replies among those who have experienced Masala treats would be much more homogeneous.


I dare say that the replies to the question will illumine human nature. 


In that regard, I believe that no single reply would demand fortune, diamonds, a yacht, or legislators who have brains and scruples. Those are not treats, however desirable they may be. No, all answers would be for some delectable but readily-attainable thing. And not only is it the essence of what we mean by 'treat' that the treat should be attainable with some immediacy, but inaccessible or excessively wrapped or rationed treats are somehow diminished by their remoteness.


Therefore, you should hear, in reply to the question and even if you have doubted the silence of the friends, some exceedingly reassuring confessions as to their most immediate desires.  Notwithstanding this, the chief issue concerning immediacy is that human activity is amazingly varied and human memory is customarily nasty, brutish, and short. 


The effect of Masala, though, is to stabilize memory formation and persistence and to promote civility and felicity in general and the durable remembrance of them, such that replies to the question become much more inclined to mention the sublime immediacy of the Masala.


In summary, the Masala Holiday Chocolate Box and Masala Sweet-Salty Mix pushed all my buttons, pulled all the strings, twiddled all my knobs in a most memorable, immediate way that was the epitome of treat-ness.

In fact, Masala products are capable of pushing buttons the push-ee didn’t even realize he/she had!  I must praise, too, Masala’s anti-rationing packaging? Yum!  

Thank you, D and S, thank you for these most excellent treats!  J

Douglas N.

Mmmmmasala! Yum! Beautifully, and lovingly handmade! Unique flavor combinations that make my tastebuds dance!

Lisa S.

Masala Chocolates have the most amazing flavors, they are decadent and so beautiful!  Each one is like a gift to eat!!  Getting ready to order another box!!

Laura L.

Masala chocolates are amazing. They are beautiful to the eye and have an amazing flavor. I enjoyed them on New Years with some champagne!!!

Chanel A.